Celebrating My 20th Birthday


Honestly, I’ll start by saying that yesterday was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time. I typically try to keep my expectations low, for reasons such as last year I spent the day completely alone (I won’t go further into it). But this year, I was lucky to have one of my best friends, Lynn, by my side making it extra special. We started the day off by going to Alfred’s in Silverlake (for those of you who have read my previous posts, know Alfred’s is my favorite coffee spot in LA). This was my first time going to this location, as I’ve attempted to go other times but there was never any manageable parking near enough. However, yesterday we somehow found a spot right in the front 🙂 The inside is very cute, with floral wall paper on the walls, a giant neon of But First Coffee, and outside there is also a wall of mustaches (how much more hipster can you get)! Also, shoutout to the beautiful, magnificent Jade for giving me a call while I was at Alfred’s—it made that visit even more special 🙂 Follow her on Instagram: @ItsJadeAlexis ❤

IMG_9596 IMG_9599

Unknowingly, the heart stairs are also right across the street from Alfred’s so we proceeded to walk over there afterwards for the cute photo opp. Purple also happens to be my favorite color so yes, I was very pleased with this find as well as the blooming flowers surrounding the area! Not pictured is the other set of stairs which looks like the purple hearts but they are rainbow!




Pleased with our time at Alfred’s, we then proceeded to head towards the beach. Mind you, it happened to be a lot chillier than normal days in LA. We had originally planned to go to Malibu, but Lynn brought up the idea of going to Dockwiler in the Marina where they allow beach bonfires—and a warm fire sure did sound nice.


Parking at Dockwiler is only $6, which in LA is an amazing deal, and for that reason alone I find it a great beach to spend the day at. But, it was also very quiet and isolated making it perfect for relaxation. We ended up stealing someone who had left’s bonfire because we came totally unprepared without firewood, lighter fluid, etc. By afternoon, it was actually warm outside though so we continued to enjoy the beach even after the fire went out. Of course, being us, we took so many pictures and even asked a couple tourists to take some shots of the two of us together as well.




Laying around the beach all day certainly wore us out and made us hungry, so we decided Lemonade sounded like the perfect late lunch and headed over to the location in Venice on Abbot Kinney. I got my favorite flavor of lemonade, blood orange, as well as the delicious white truffle mac and cheese, as per usual. This was also the first time I had ever been to Abbot Kinney so we continued to walk around and look at all the cute and interesting shops along the street. Noticing the Salt & Straw, I immediately knew that’s what I wanted to end the day with. When I went to ring up my chocolate gooey fudge brownie cone, the ice cream man asked me if I was having a good day and I proceeded with “Yes, I’ve been having a great day as it’s my Birthday!” And out of the kindness of his heart, he gave me my ice cream for free saying he hopes I have the best of days! This was extra special, because Salt & Straw typically doesn’t give you a free ice cream on your birthday, but I guess that’s just my luck!


Here it is in all it’s glory—probably one of the best, most quality ice cream cones I’ve ever had in my life. No wonder Salt & Straw is an LA favorite 😉


To sum it up, I had a great birthday. Like I said, I usually keep my expectations low, but this year they were completely exceeded. Shout out to Lynn for enjoying the day and being there for me. It’s been very hard to make close friends in this still-new city, so when someone like her comes along it makes all the difference! You can follower her on Instagram: @OceanSunrise ❤ Now—364 days till I turn 21!!! 😉


Beige Duster – Urban Outfitters

1970 Shirt – Zara

Mom Jeans – Topshop

Black Booties – ASOS

Swimsuit – ASOS

Swim Cover Up – Forever21








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