Summer Accessory Highlight: Jord’s Wood Watch

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I will truthfully admit I have never been a watch wearer—I was never able to really fall in love with any styles I saw in store or even tried on. However—when Jord reached out to join together for collaboration, I was absolutely amazed by their beautiful selection of wooden watches. Wood watch you say? Yes, these watches are beautifully carved by some of the most beautiful woods in the world from ebony and rosewood, to purpleheart.

The watch I decided to feature is the beautiful Koa & Rose gold which is a part of the Coa series. Koa wood is native to Hawaii and known to be  one of the most beautiful native hardwoods in the world. I placed my order and, I kid you not, received the little square box at my door just two days later. The packaging was very impressive—inside of the dark blue cardboard box was this wooden box wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. You’ll notice the ‘J’ logo carved into the top of the box with Jord at the bottom, which just goes to show this company really knows how to show off their impeccable craftsmanship.


When you first slide the box open, you’ll see a neatly packaged cleaning cloth for the watch and underneath that is the watch itself cushioned around a custom Jord pillow.



The watch that I picked out contains 8 genuine Swarovski crystals embedded into the positions of different hours. There is also a small circle of glass where you can actually see the gears of the watch turning up close.



I definitely have also completely fallen for the rose gold face—this is one of my current accessory obsessions fashion and home decor wise so it definitely reflects a part of my personality when wearing it. Also a huge bonus—Jord had the watch custom sized to fit my tiny wrist. I typically have a lot of issues with wearing bracelets or anything around my wrist but this watch fits to the t!



If you love this watch as much as I do, it’s available to buy online today plus shipping is free!

Koa & Rose Gold

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Wooden Wrist Watch


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