Rihanna Fenty x Puma Slides Review


When Puma had announced they were restocking the Rihanna Fenty fur slides, I was ready and prepared. I had my alarm set for 6:55 am so right when I woke up I could jump on the website and make the initial purchase at 7:00. It had taken me a few days to actually figure out if I was going to go with the white or black pair (I can’t imagine myself ever wearing the pink ones). I ended up choosing the black pair knowing they would stay nicer longer due to me being accident prone and always spilling on my white things!


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The slides arrived in a black Puma box, and inside of the box was a black velvet dust bag with Fenty embroidered on it. The shoes came inside the dust bag, which was actually the first time I’ve ever seen that besides my Chanel espadrilles (however, I don’t buy designer shoes often). It’s typically with higher priced handbags that a dust bag is included, but I thought it was a nice touch from Puma.



Overall, I’m happy I made the purchase—although I think they are overpriced for the material they are made of. For $80, you’d think the actual shoe was real leather and not some cheap foam material or whatever it is. However, they are incredibly cute and you are paying for an in demand designer item which is understandable. These will probably become my new errand shoes, for runs to trader joes, lazy shopping days at the Beverly Center, meeting with friends at Starbucks, etc.


A few things I definitely want to point out—I read previous reviews before purchasing which advised to size down because they are a bit on the larger side. This is 100% correct: I am normally a size 6 in shoes but for these I ordered a 5.5 and they fit perfectly. Another thing, just because the material is cheap feeling, doesn’t mean they aren’t uncomfortable. In fact, I think these are the new comfiest shoes I own next to Birkenstocks. My feet have really formed to them and I’m expecting over time for small indents to appear into them as well.


So the final verdict: if given the chance, do you buy the Rihanna Fenty x Puma slides? I’m going to say if you’re super into following fashion trends and having the latest items, yes! This is definitely one of the shoes of the moment and is very affordable in comparison to others *Yeezy, Gucci, Chloe*. However, if you just aren’t really sure about them and don’t think they fit into your style, I would pass. Instead, go for a pair of Birkenstocks if you’re looking for a shoe that’s easy to slide on and comfortable.



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