6 Reasons to be Excited for Fall

Fall is by far my favorite season! A few of you may not agree with me, but after this you’ll at least know why and maybe start liking fall too 🙂

#1. Change of Colors

Sure, I live in Los Angeles now and the palm trees don’t change color—however, the transition from summer to fall changes the colors we wear. Autumn is the time of the year everyone starts breaking out burgundy, orange, red, mustard, and olive green tones which I find to be so incredibly flattering and in with the season. If you do live in a region where the leaves change color, you are very lucky because that would probably be my number 1 favorite thing if I got to experience it! *I did experience this while living in the Bay Area, but I don’t think I’ll be there at all this fall :(*




#2. Colder Weather

Summer heat in Los Angeles is sweltering hot. Especially living in an apartment with no A/C, I’m very happy the long hot days and nights are finally coming to the end. I’ve already began to notice that mornings have been low 60s with fog which is such a great thing to wake up to. It also calls for being able to wear a jacket or sweater for the entire duration of the day!!




I am the spooky queen. I love everything weird, creepy, scary, and Halloween related. In my book, Halloween is right up and leveled with Christmas. It is such a happy and friend oriented holiday where you dress up as something you aren’t and eat lots of junk food. What is there not to love?



#4. Pumpkin. Spice.

Not even just lattes. I will eat anything and everything pumpkin spice flavored—waffles, bread, cookies, cake, bagels,  you name it and I will probably like it. But let’s not forget the scented candles either!



#5. Fall Movie Watching

There are certain movies that magically become 10x greater then they already were while watching during the fall—a few of my picks include Back to the Future, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and EVERY Harry Potter (obvi)


#6. Fall Fashion

I know I already mentioned colors, but fall fashion in general is just the best of the year. Colder weather allows you to layer more and wear more extravagant pieces, where are during the spring and summer your basically stuck with the options of shorts and tshirts.


I am 100% set on fall being the best season of the year. If you think otherwise, leave a comment down below with your opinion as I would love to hear it!


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