My New GUCCI BAG! GG Marmont Mini in Velvet

If you follow me on any social platform, I’m sure you are well aware that I bought my first Gucci bag yesterday! It was such a rewarding feeling, as I’ve been saving up to buy it for months now, and yesterday was finally the day to take the plunge!

Buying a designer bag is a huge commitment, as they aren’t cheap. If you’ve never bought one before I recommend: doing lots of research prior, comparing prices, going to see it in person to get an idea of it, and of course making sure you pick out one you will love and wear for YEARS. I made this mistake with my first designer bag (black Alexander McQ), as I didn’t do any of the above tips. I still like it and wear it from time to time, but it’s a boring bag for the price I paid and I wish I had done more research before splurging. It was definitely an impulse purchase I made when first moving to LA because I wanted to fit in more at my fashion school…had I done more research I probably would’ve bought an even cuter Marc Jacobs bag for that same price.

With the Gucci bag I bought, I’ve been lusting after it for months and saving up for it simultaneously, which proved to myself it was something I truly wanted. When I decided that I was finally financially stable enough to go out and buy it, I decided “hey, why not make the most of the shopping experience by heading to the store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills?!” which is exactly what I did. Buying a designer handbag is a very special and almost intimate experience to me, so I wanted this to be the best one yet.

I knew exactly where to park on Rodeo Drive—there’s a parking lot I normally go to which does free valet for the first 2 hours so that was the obvious option! I valeted my car, then proceeded to walk to the Gucci store. I was immediately welcomed inside by the kindest sales man who helped find the bag I was looking for which was the GG Marmont Mini in Black Velvet. It happened to be the LAST ONE due to popularity and was newly packaged in the bag which I was ecstatic about! While checking out, I crossed my fingers that my debit card wouldn’t for some reason decline and it didn’t. He beautifully packaged my bag up and I was set! Then I did what any other person would do, which was walk around Rodeo Drive like a queen with my GINORMOUS Gucci bag. For the first time in my life, stores like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Dolce & Gabbana happily welcomed me into their stores with knowing glances at my my Gucci purchase.





The back of the bag

The back of the bag



If this looks like your dream bag and you want to start saving up for it, I say go for it! It has such a classic and beautiful look to it—I am sooooo happy! xx



  1. October 5, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    Love love love this post.. I totally agree that you need to take some time an think about your designer bag before you buy it.. Before buying my Faye I thought about it for over a year! Such a gorgeous bag, love every photo you post of it!

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