My Experience Seeing the 1975 ALONE

As an introvert with *minimal* social skills, going out of my comfort zone is absolutely terrifying. However, yesterday night I challenged myself by going to a concert all by myself. Normally, this is a concept I wouldn’t even consider. However, the 1975 is my absolute favorite band and knowing none of my friends wanted to see them I had to face the fact that I would either not attend (which in my head wasn’t an option), or facing my fears by going alone.

You may have figured out I ended up choosing the latter, and guess what? I am extremely happy with my decision! Originally, I had bought a seated ticket to avoid the terrifying General Admission crowd, but once arriving at the venue I actually changed my mind. I wanted to be immersed in people who love this band as much as I do, so I took a visit to the box office crossing my fingers they had an extra GA ticket which they did! With my intense social media skills (lol), I quickly found someone online to last minute buy my seated ticket so I wouldn’t be wasting $60.

Once in line to get in, I met an awesome girl named Amy, also attending alone, who I later discovered shared a mutual love for One Direction. It turns out we had been to the same exact shows over the past year, including Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Cordon! For over an hour, we sat and chilling just talking about life in general while charging our phones. During our conversation, we actually discovered we share a mutual friend who was also going to be attending the show. We met up with her, and suddenly I had gone from being there alone to having two awesome people to enjoy the show with.

The General Admission crowd was indeed as terrifying as I thought it would be—there was a lot of pushing, hair pulling, toe stepping, and of course that one gross person smoking in the crowd. It was all worth it thought when my favorite band came on stage and magically I was pushed by the crowd to the front.



If you’ve listened or saw the 1975 before, you may understand why a person such as myself loves them. Not only are their lyrics and music genuine ART, but their artistic direction is the best I have ever witnessed. They, as a whole, are something I fully appreciate—from the actual band members to the lighting and effects they use to present their work.

I was so nervous about attending a concert by myself, but in the end, everything turned out better than alright. I left the venue with a couple new friends and got to see my favorite band so it’s a definite win situation.



What I wore:



Bomber Jacket – Forever21

***NOTE: I didn’t bring my Gucci purse to the concert! NEVER bring your designer bags to a concert if you are GA it will get ruined! It was only for photo purposes 🙂


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