How To Be A Blogger WITHOUT Having A Photographer!

I remember a few years ago when I first desired to become a fashion blogger—the one thing holding me back was not having someone to take my photos, and for a long time that IS what held me back. It was when I had the breakthrough that I can take my OWN photos, I suddenly started gaining momentum.

When nobody is around to help you shoot, self timer is your BFF. Whether it be on your iPhone or a regular DSLR camera, there’s really no excuse to not take initiative. Maybe you’re like me though—I’m an incredibly shy person and the thought of taking photos of myself in public was at first terrifying. The solution I have for you is work your way up to going in public. Start out in your living space—I first started experimenting with self timer outfit looks in my bedroom a few years ago. Stage the backdrop however you want, nobody is around to judge you!

After you are comfortable with this—go outside in your neighborhood, find spots you like, and you can even wait till nobody is around or looking to shoot your looks. If someone comes up and asks what you’re doing—who cares! Just be honest, say you are a blogger and need fresh content but nobody is free to help you!

If you have been on my instagram profile, there are dozens upon dozens of photos I’ve taken myself when friends weren’t available to shoot. I’m really proud of the content I’ve been able to create 100% on my own and you will be too once you give it a try 🙂

Here are some looks I shot today, all by myself!



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